about shannon:

As a ceramicist, I turn clay into vessels of magic, infusing each creation with the soul of tradition and the spark of digital artistry.

My ceramics education began 7 years ago under Paul Chaleff. He laid the foundation of wheel work and showed me the profound world of traditional Japanese techniques. He introduced me to sculptor, Joy Brown, and under her mentorship, I developed a profound appreciation for atmospheric firings, particularly the ritual and community of anagama wood firings.

My pieces, ranging from mugs and bowls to large vessels, showcase hand carved details, unique illustrations and a playful use of glaze techniques for decoration.

My background in graphic design integrates into my work in clay;  I design and screen print my own underglaze transfer sheets to overlay my work with original digital patterns and illustrations. 

My collections are a testimony to ceramics' ability to bring joy and magic into life’s daily rhythm. 

It is the synthesis of ancient craft and present-day innovation that shapes my ceramics. Each piece is an invitation to explore a story of creation, where the interplay of handcrafted detail and digital precision captures the essence of my art—echoing the enduring charm of pottery and the dynamic spirit of contemporary design.